Soulful Heart Readings

7 Day Twin Flame/Soul Core Aura, Energy Clearing

In June 2017, between the New Moon and The Full Moon, I received from Archangel Michael this new 7 day clearing. It is a very powerful clearing that clears and cleanses your aura, and energy from you and your twin flame/soul. During this 7 day clearing, I send you and and your twins higher self long distance Reiki Energy Healing. After you purchase the clearing I will email you what you will need to get and to do and we will schedule a time for me to send you the healing energy. This is a very powerful clearing to be prepared to be emotional as you will be clearing a lot of baggage. Once your 7 days is finished, its just a matter of keeping your aura, and energy field cleared with daily and weekly maintaince.
I look forward to working with you Thank you.

Blessings, Love and Light