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Welcome to My Online Text Chat.

I do not at this time do live video chats. Please read my blog on that subject.

I live in Connecticut, USA, which is EST. I am pretty flexible with my time and would love to schedule a time that is best for you.  I will work as hard as I can to accommodate that time. You can either send me a separate email with your day and time or you can include that information on the pay pal form.  I will get back to you as quickly as possible with a confirmed date and time.   If for some reason that time is not good, I will send you the times that I am available on that day.
   I use  my new chat program on my website, If it says Im on line we can have the chat reading here.  If it says Im off line you can leave me a message and we can either use the chat or on gmail instant messenger and Facebook messenger  from my Soulful Heart Facebook page you can like my page by following or copying this link, into your browser.

I look forward to helping you on your spiritual path the best way I can. I will use all of my gifts to assure you that you are receiving the best possible reading. I can also use My Oracle Decks, crystals and pendulum.

Always remember nothing is 100% guaranteed as every person has free will. I will guide you with the best choices that I see for you at this given time.

Please email me your honest feedback so I can add it to my testimonies page. Sometimes the information you receive is not what you want to hear at that given time. I only ask you keep an open mind when leaving your feedback.


Thank you
Blessings, Light, Love, Peace