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Are you Afraid to Speak Gods Name

Why are we afraid to speak out God’s name?   Why are we who believe in God in the minority?  Why are we afraid of offending people that do not believe in God?  

These are a few of the same questions that have ran through my head over the past few  months.  I believe and I am aware there is a huge Spiritual Awakening happening all over the world.  Some people that are affected by this Spiritual Awakening do not believe in the “same” God as me.  I am aware there are many different religions and beliefs throughout the world.  I am not judging  or condemning you on your Spiritual Beliefs, as we all have different views and opinions on Spirituality.  

With that being said there are still some people wanting to close their eyes to spirituality.  Still wanting to hide they believe in God in the Fear of offending someone that does not believe.  So Why are you afraid?  

We all live on this planet we all call earth, and I hear and see so much EVIL happening all over the world.  

I live in the United States of America, where as far back as I can remember, this country was brought up on God, and  in God We Trust, God Bless America, The National Anthem the Star Spangle Banner Composed by Francis Scott Key, “In Defense of Fort McHenry” in September 1814. Congress proclaimed it the U.S. National Anthem in 1931. It even states in there that we put our trust in God.”  America is where we were Proud and not Afraid to say we went to Church, we spent time with families after church on sunday.  Most stores were closed on sundays so americans could go to church and spend quality time with your families.  Look back through out the history.   Ellis Island is where immigrants were processed into America.  They were taught to speak English.  They brought with them their heritage.  My great grandmothers family came through Ellis Island from Ireland.  My great great grandfather came through Ellis Island from Germany/Yugoslavia family traced he was born in Yugoslavia but ended up in Germany.  My point is in this day and age I hear so many people saying America has so many different cultures now,  as so many people came here to escape many things from their own countries.   That is true,  this has been happening since the day America was discovered by Christopher Columbus.  But the difference is in the beginning when America became a free nation, people needed to be processed and become citizens of America, now they just come in and live unnoticed and are given American Rights.  I have no problem with people coming here, living here, bringing their culture and heritage,  making a better life for themselves and their family,  it is what America is about.   But do it the way it was meant to be done.  

Now saying this has brought out the we can not offend people.  So now we have many who live here that do not Believe in God.  Ok that is their “Free Will”  which God stated in the Bible that we all were given.   But my “Free Will” believes in God and I am not afraid to say it.  I am not afraid I will offend someone anymore.  I believe the non believers have the believers so afraid to speak what they believe as they will be labeled a Bible Thumper.   No one should be ashamed to say I am Spiritual, I believe in God,  I pray to God and to Jesus, I read the Bible.  Just because it may offend someone that has a different view.  So to me it seems the easiest way for society to live and act is for people to Pray in silence, to not share to people they believe in God.  So in reality we are letting them win.   It is getting more and more obvious society keeps removing God  or is making him an option.  To me we are allowing the non believers to over rule the believers in God.  It is time for all the believers to take a Hard Stand and bring back I am not afraid to say I believe In God and Jesus.  Jesus was born on Christmas Day.   No one is going to tell me anymore I have to say Happy Holidays.  For me it was and always will be Merry CHRISTmas.  

I know America is many things to different people and we all should be able to live here legally and spirituality and believe in whatever God we believe in or not believe in.  That is our “Free Will” as God gave that right to us as humans.  See the connection “free will” as stated in the Bible, “Land of the free” which is stated about America.   But the government and non believers should not have that right to take my God out of public view, just because it offended a non believer. 

So here I am taking my public stand as not only a United States Born Citizen, (with heritage from Europe and Canada) But I am a Believer In God and Jesus and the Bible, and I will not tolerate you telling me I offend you, because just maybe it offends me you do not believe in God.  However,  to me it’s ok that you do not believe, as it is your free will, and I will not judge you nor tell you, what you should believe.  I will still communicate and be a friend and love you for who you are.  But  it is also my free will to believe and I will exercise my free will given to me by God, to take this stand and be proud to say I believe in God.  

Many blessing, love, light and peace to all.  

Nancy aka Chloe 11/5/2013