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Keep your Faith stronger than Fear!

Keep your Faith stronger than Fear!

Do you wonder if a Spirit is communicating with you?  How can you be sure!  It is a burning question that many of us have or had at one time. 


Spirits communicate with us everyday.  They do different things in various of ways to get our attention.  All you need to do is invite them into your life.   


Do you ever wake up to a certain song?   How about hearing the same song being played many times over the course of the day.   Is it on a radio or are you hearing it in your mind.  When this happens, Spirits are communicating with you.  They are sending you messages to either questions you may have been asking or they are trying to point you in a different direction.   Spirits love music as it relaxes your soul and refreshes your spirit.  Music can be very calming and uplifting.  Pay close attention to the words at how it pertains to your life.  Your intuition or gut feeling will tell you, “yes this song is for you.”  It is a good form of communication for them.  


Have you ever lost your keys?  Did you replace them or did Spirits?  Forget something at home and you had to turn around?  


When this happens to me, I thank Spirits for keeping me safe.  You never know what could have been in your path.  Could it have been another car.  Maybe it was you that could have been distracted.  There are so many different reasons or times that we run behind schedule.   We may never know why these things happen or when, but I take them as good signs from Spirits.

These are just two examples as the way Spirits can communicate.  The more you acknowledge Spirits, the more they will communicate.  Just remember all you need to do is invite them into your life and start receiving their messages. 

Blessings, Love, Light, Peace



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