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June 10, 2013

Have you ever thought about writing? Do you often wonder if you should write? How do you write from the heart? Have questions that need answers? Can spirits guide your writings?

If you answered yes to either question, than you can write creatively. Everyone has it within themselves. It is not hard nor does it take a college education. Your creative writing does not need to make sense at all. I believe Creative writing is what you feel in your heart and soul. For me I just let me heart and soul take over.

How do you write from the heart? The only thing that is required is pen, paper, computer, or a recording device. You do not need to set any time aside. I believe when you write from the heart no subject is needed. Just allow your creative self to emerge and let your pen or fingers take over. You do not need to think with your mind, just write what you feel is in your heart. Listen to what your soul is telling you, and just start writing. You will be surprised as to what you actually put down on the paper in front of you. I always said, if it is in your heart it is worth writing about. You will find so many things in the words that you write. You may not know it at the time, but if you go back at a later date and read what you have written you will be totally amazed.

If you have thoughts going through your mind jot them down. As you continue to practice jotting things down you will find that you may have a hard time stopping yourself. You may even find that you have become more relaxed, balanced, spiritual, creative, and wiser. Creative writing is a wonderful thing. It keeps your mind sharp and your soul cleansed. It has helped me in so many areas of my life, without even knowing it at the time. When I have read some of what I have wrote over the past 4 months I was amazed at how many answers I had written for some of my problems. It really has gotten me past so much hurt, fear and anger.

I never know what i have written until I decide to go and re-read. I believe spirits do guide me in my writings. That is why I know my creative writing is truly a gift from God. We all have it in us. All we need to do, is start. It really is very simple just pick up that pen and see what you can inspire with in yourself.

Who knows you may become a writer and find what you have written has helped someone. The only way you will find out is to start writing. That is what I hope to get out of mine. If what I have written helps just one person than I have done a great job.

Peace, Love, Light and Blessings to all.


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