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Learning Life’s Lessons

Are you having trouble Learning Your Life’s Lessons?  Not sure what your life’s lessons are?  How do I know I have learned a lesson?   These are all questions we all have  from time to time.  

I was chatting with a friend of mine last night about fears and lessons and  a light bulb went off for both of us. I told her we need to look at these life lessons as bad habits.  We all know that bad habits needs to be broken and in a sense so do life’s lessons.     We also know, how hard breaking a bad habit can be, as these habits are not always in our best interest.   But by continuing this behavior we are running in the same circle and not learning the lesson.  We normally can not see this is occurring,  so we continue down the same path.  We will continue down this path until we break that bad habit or in a lighter sense “a lesson.”  

Could these lessons be tests from God?  

We can think of it just as that, or  how  it can be  about  our  faith and wanting us to learn from prior issues.  No matter what higher you believe in, you still need faith.  If you are  sharing things that promote anger, laughing at someone else for your pleasure,  tearing other people apart to make yourself feel better, you are promoting anger and hate.   The hardest thing for any of us, is  to take a long look  in the mirror.  To ask ourselves what do we really see in the reflection.  It is a known fact, that what we say and spread to other people, is what we see or feel inside about ourselves.  

Are you spreading Love or Hate?  

If you are spreading hate or anger, this is a lesson you need to learn.   To learn this you need to focus on yourself inside and grow in yourself as a person and in spirituality and find your faith.  

 All you need to do is open your eyes, hence the light bulb.  Sometimes as we look back, we see the same behavior has been happening for many years.  If you are still  choosing the same situations, then  I call these  “old lessons. ”  These are the ones that are stopping us from moving forward into more positive situations or  blessings.  

There can be  good news in these lessons.  Once you can see it and can admit it, then and only then it becomes a past lesson that you have finally overcame and found growth.    Once you break the circle or cycle of the bad habit, “hence lesson,” that is when it becomes fully cleared, and the cycle is broken.    


Blessings, Love, Light and Peace





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