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My Early Psychic Experience


I did not know any of this at the time, but this is what I can remember. I was a child around the age of 8 or so.  I would have spirits visit me and saw so many visions.  I would hear them communicate with me.  I saw visions of people getting hurt how it happened and what the end result was going to be. They frightened me so much, I thought they were nightmares so that I closed all of my gifts.  One vision that kept occurring every night when I went to sleep was a man just in his 50’s.  When i became interested in dating I would always have a feeling I was looking for just that one guy.   I knew he would have a military background and I knew he would have dark hair and green eyes.  I at the time did not put two and two together that is would end up being  my twin flame at the age I would meet him.  If I knew back them what I have discovered now, all of this was a small part of the bigger picture.


I remember back in November 1991, things starting to happen to me again.  Visions were coming back, seeing events having many dajavus.  I kept seeing one in particular, a woman would appear off the right side of my right eye.  She was dressed in all black including the black veil.  She was standing in a court yard back in the mid evil time era.  She was talking to a young gentlemen in his late teens.  Telling him his number would be picked and not to say anything because it was a set up.  I have since figured out this woman was me. He didn’t believe me that the king would draw his number.  This was a lottery that is a sort of a sacrifice done to help the pheasants gain prosperity.  He looked at me and said I have to go its the rules, as you know your father is king.  I remember watching him as my father ordered him to be beheaded.  I than ran out of the court yard and never looked back.   I did know this vision was very important to me and one that I have never forgotten.  I did finally realize it was a part of a past life, and I knew I needed to figure it out and find out why this was such an important vision.  It was just one of the steps I was going to take down this spiritual awakening.  I knew eventually it would all fall into place.  I still tried to not give it to much thought, as they would make me nauseous, sweaty, and I would turn white as a ghost. As  time went on the vision stayed, and became more vivid.


We moved to Govern island NY in September 1992.  that is when  I started to see actual ghosts/spirits.  I could tell what era they were from by the clothing they were wearing.  That is when it all became very fascinating to me.  I still was not ready to do anything with the gifts but I knew I could see them and hear them.   I started to do lots of research on the ghosts of New York City.  I had discovered there were many and so many were recorded.  I was truly amazed.  My three children also saw the ghosts and I told them not to be afraid as they were not there to hurt them.  I did not want them to grow up afraid like I did and shut down everything.


One ghost/spirit in particular was a gentleman during the civil war.  This is the one that made himself most known.  The one my children would see.  He had light brownish color hair, straight and length went to the bottom of the base of his neck.  He wore a full blue uniform with the cap and it had yellow strips on the pants and on the jacket.  He would travel through the elevator shaft in the 13 story building but had 6 floors as the apartments had two stories.  Our apartment was on the 3rd right across from the elevator.   At first I could not figure out why my hall walk in closet door was always open.   This was where we put a TV so the kids could play there video games.  They knew the rules if not playing video games keep the door close.  I was complaining to the kids about the door always being left opened.  Of course they all said mom we keep it shut but we don’t know why it gets open.   Then one day after the kids went to school, I saw the closet door was closed.  I went downstairs as I was getting ready to go do laundry.  All of a sudden I heard a huge bang coming from upstairs and my cats come running down the stairs.  I thought that sounded like someone just opened the closet door and slammed it into the wall.  I knew the cats were not shut in that room.  So I called upstairs and I said are you the one that keeps opening my closet door.  I said Im coming up the stairs.  I came around the corner of the upstairs and sure enough that door was wide open.  So I went and stood in the doorway and I said to him,  point taken, door stays open as now I see this is how you travel the building.  I told him I also have a front door you can use.  From the day forward the closet door was never shut again, and I would see him coming in my front door walking up the stairs and then he would exit through the closet door through the elevator shaft.  I informed the kids on everything and they all thought it was really cool.

We lived in that apartment for four years.  The coast guard was shutting the base down and we knew we could not leave the ghost behind.  So when the movers came we asked them for a box.  We put a few things in and left it opened.   Told the ghost the base was being shut down and he was more than welcome to move with us.  We would love him to come and stay with us as you have now become part of the family.   We left the apartment for about an hour.   Went upstairs and saw there was some items in the box had been moved.   So we closed the lid and tapped it shut and carried the box to our truck.   When we got to our new house in Connecticut we opened the box and told hi we are here welcome to our new home.  We all saw him around the house for about 6 months.  Then one day the kids came to me and said we haven’t seen the ghost in a while did he leave.   I said I haven’t seen him lately either.  I am sure he is fine and I believe bringing him here finally gave him peace and that he is home.  For some strange reason they all understood that and at that moment there was a warm breeze that went through the room.

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