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Spirituality and Human Fear

Do you ever feel like you are having a battle in your mind and soul with your spirit and human side?

If you answered yes, thats a good thing, all of us at one time or another do have that battle about spirituality and human ego.  It’s the first step, you have acknowledged.  Sometimes we try to hard and focus on everything to make them fit in a way the world thinks it should be.  We do this, because, that is what we were taught. Your religion became your belief.

One of the most difficult things you will see and feel while working on your personal self and opening up to spirituality, things of the normal will be totally different. You will begin to look at things in a different light, in a higher capacity and things you thought never possible can be right in front of you. Having said this, the reality is this, it all depends if you are opened enough to read the signs and see things for what they truly are.

We as humans have the worst thing possible its called FEAR. Fear we are going to be alone, fear we are going to get hurt in love,  fear we wont find that ONE love,  fear that we are going to loose someone we love, fear we wont get a job, a nice home, nice things, all the material things we thought mattered. We have so much fear it is embedded into our everyday life. Once it is there, it is hard to let go of it to release it. The one thing we can do, is replacing that Fear with FAITH. When we replace fear with faith, that is when we notice a huge difference in our personal growth. We start to see things, positive changes, a sense of freedom, we feel self love, and we begin to feel whole. Someone once told me, we were all born pure and can be again, we just got lost on our travels. We all have lessons to learn and we learn them by taking our life’s journey.

You will know when your journey leads you to your spirituality. You will feel it deep in your soul. You will begin to feel things you never did before. You will start to imagine what it feels like to be one and connected with the universe, the divine, and God, your Creator.   Your soul will guide you away from the human fear and towards Faith. However, keep in mind your ego will fight you every step of the way.  Your ego will try to hold onto you every second that it can. You see the ego knows, Spirituality is forever and eternity, human and ego is temporary.

So as you continue on your journey towards your own spiritual path, it is ok to have a bad day and get tied up in the human ego. We all have done it. Just acknowledge it, pick yourself back up, brush off the dust and let your soul guide you back to on track.  Always remember your soul will never lead you astray.  

The key, Always have more FAITH than FEAR!

Many Blessings, Love, Light and Peace


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