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What Is The True Spiritual Truth

How do you know what is true and what is not true?

 After reading many different articles on the web, I had this question.  I struggled for many weeks with my own thoughts and true spirituality.  

I was raised catholic and went to catholic school for 5 years.  I believe in God and Jesus and I have known what the Bible says, from my early childhood.  However I just recently started to read the Bible again.  There are so many confusing things out there on the internet, about the Spiritual Awakening that is happening.   Yes I do believe there is a Spiritual Awakening going on, I for one am feeling the effects of it.  I have been going through this for a year now, and over the past few weeks I have gotten more confused than I was a year ago.  I figured out yesterday that it is and was my  Spiritual growth on my path to my Spiritual Awakening.  

There is a lot of talk out there about Lightworkers, The I am Presence, the Law of Attraction, Putting your positive thoughts out into the Universe as it is listening to you at all times.  I do know positive thoughts gives you positive, as negative thoughts draws negativity.  I started to reference all of these to the Word of God which is the Bible.  I understand certain things may have been left out of the Bible, but one thing I know for sure is the only way to eternal Life and to the Kingdom of God is through Jesus.

  I have been to many Lightworkers pages and I was amazed how amazing they are, they spread love and light to all.   It made me feel good inside at what they were saying about the Light, and the universe and Love.  However on some Lightworkers pages that I have come across and was associated with,  I realized today there was not one word about God, Jesus, the Bible or Praying to God.   Not one word  how prayers to God actually is what helps and cures the sick, the homeless, the Universe, and everything else in this world.  

I do believe there are true lightworkers out there that believe in God and the Power of Prayer.   I would love to meet those lightworkers.   I am just weary of the ones that do not mention the true meanings of Love, Light and Peace.  That is all written in God’s word, which is the Bible.  Make sure you are be guided into the correct light towards Jesus and God.

 We all must remember that Satan was once an Angel before he fell to the dark side.   Satan is out there trying to cause fear and confusion.   As I realized this past week as I was living in tons of confusion and fear.  I do not want to be guided or  guiding people into the darkness of  Satan thinking it is the Light of God.   I will continue my Spiritual Awakening in the footsteps of the Lord and I belong to Jesus.   Satan can not put fear in me any longer as I have God and his word on my side and in my heart.

 Blessings, Love , Light and Peace