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My Signs of Meeting My Twin Soul, By Chloe

Are you experiencing the signs that you have met your twin soul, twin flame? Have you ever wondered what a Twin Flame is? Is a Twin Flame different then a Soulmate? Does everyone have one? Have you always thought you were searching for just the one? How do you explain this to someone who has never experienced it?

A few of the signs can be: The sense you’ve known them before. You feel this is the person you’ve been waiting for. It feels like your home when you are with them. When you hug, you fit each other like a glove. You may feel their energy. You may feel the magnetic pull towards each other. You find yourself always thinking about them. The connection is like no other. There is no explanation to it. You may call or text at the same time.  

I had all those questions and signs in February 2013.  I was  on my way home from work, and one of my “songs of the day, Leo Sayer, When I need you,”  started to play on the radio.  I had the feeling me and my guy were listening to it at the same time.  I felt tears in my eyes and felt them on my checks but when I wiped my face it was dry.  I knew I was still feeling him and our connection, even though we hadn’t spoken in a month.  Feeling him was nothing new.  We knew we had a strong soul connection, when we started to communicate in September of 2012, we quickly found that we could feel each others energy and knew when the other one was thinking about them. The left side of my face would tingle, the right side of his nose would itch.  But I now started to hear him and feel his emotions.  So I started to talk to my guardian angels and spirit guides.  I said,  I felt like I was loosing my mind, going crazy, I swear I am feeling him crying, hearing his voice singing this song, and seeing him.  What is going on?  I heard the words Twin Flame.   I had never heard of that before, as I am shaking my head,  I asked, “What is Twin Flame.”  I heard, “research.”   So I did just that.

I googled, read and watched videos on Twin Flames. I was amazed that I had all the symptoms. At first I was a little freaked out, but then as I continued to read about it I felt at ease. It explained so many of my emotions, physical and mental. I knew I was not going insane. I found out very quickly my friends did not understand and thought I was loosing my mind and had fallen off the deep end. I found a support community that was full of people in my same situation, which made me feel better.

Spirits began to work with me, passing along Twin Soul, Twin Flame information. All of this information helped me to progress on my twin flame journey, and to guide other souls on their Twin Soul, Twin Flame spiritual journey. I work closely with Archangel Michael, (the protector of the twin flames/twin souls), and  I call upon all the other Archangels, my spiritual guides, and St. Germaine, (the guardian of the Violet Flame),  to pass along the information I need to help guide you on your journey.

I know people have different opinions on what is a Twin Flame, and different Spiritual beliefs. I believe God/The Divine, The Source, created everything and everyone. As I began to think about everything, this is what I felt and heard from my Spiritual team.

Have you ever heard of the saying, there is someone special for everyone and everyone has a twin? If you have, then in your subconscious mind you know your twin flame is out there waiting for you and to be reunited. A Twin Flame is the other half of your soul, you have only one. Hence the saying your one and only. I believe you have many soul mates as they prepare you for the ultimate relationship of unconditional love.

You and your twin are not always on earth at the same time nor in every past life. It is not uncommon to have crossed paths with them in a past life. I believe you will only have a romantic relationship with them in your last lifetime. This is when your soul has reached soul maturity and you are ready for reunion, so you can ascend home together.

You will know that you have met your one, (Twin Flame/Twin Soul) because you will feel it is a very different connection. Your soul will feel the difference from the moment you look into their eyes and you will start to feel the magnetic pull. You may not know it’s proper term for it, but you will have a sense that you have known them your whole life. Your soul will just know. As things progress you will start to feel emotions that you have never felt before in your life. You will feel and sense your twin around you. You will start to spirituality awaken as meeting your Twin Flame is a sacred union. This is what activates your spiritual awakening. You can feel their sadness, pain, and joy. You will say things at the same time. Call or text at the same moment. There will be no secrets between twins as you will start to sense things. You will learn to telepathically communicate with the other.

You may experience one twin running from the relationship leaving the other chasing and being hurt and confused. Egos will need to be put into place as there is no room for it in this relationship. However you will do things for this relationship that you never thought you would ever do. That includes waiting. There will be a lot of karma that will need to be cleared from both twins. This occurs because there are many eons of lifetimes of lessons that were learned and lessons that were not learned. All of those will need to be resolved before “successfully” reuniting with your Twin Flame. During this time forgiveness and healing will take place. This is the time you need to work on yourself and do creative activities that you enjoy. I believe that is why some Twin Flame relationships burn out. One or both do not want to do the work that is needed to finish learning your life’s lessons. Once you understand the sacredness of this union, that is when everything will fall into place. Ask Archangel Michael for guidance and listen to your spirit guides, have faith and trust in God, Source, The Divine and know your Twin Flame will return.

“The five steps to answered prayer and receiving heavenly things are found in Mark 11: 24 – (1) Desire; (2) Pray; (3) Believe; (4) Receive; and (5) Have.

“The key is the word, believe. We must believe that we have received what we have been desiring and praying for before we can have it.”

Many Blessing, Love and Light


Updated January 7, 2017 Original date,June 9, 2013