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Purchase My Twin Flame Handbook

 I have finally finished my Twin Flame/Twin Soul handbook to help you progress on your Twin journey.  It is also a short story of my Twin Soul journey.  I know this 60 page, handbook of information will help you progress on your journey.  It has my Twin Flame prayers, meditations and other tools that I have been using with my clients for the past 3 years.   Once you purchase it from the link below, I will email the handbook, that list the stages, process and tools to help you to achieve final reunion.  Please note if you need it in, (pages i.e. for iPhone, I pad) (Pdf file or a Rtfd file)

I also received a new 7 day clearing that was sent to me from Archangel Michael. It is a very powerful clearing that clears and cleanses your aura, and energy from you and your twin flame/soul. During this 7 day clearing, I send you and and your twins higher self long distance Reiki Energy Healing. After you purchase the clearing I will email you what you will need to get and to do and we will schedule a time for me to send you the healing energy. This is a very powerful clearing to be prepared to be emotional as you will be clearing a lot of baggage. Once your 7 days is finished, its just a matter of keeping your aura, and energy field cleared with daily and weekly maintaince.

To purchase your 7 day clearing follow this link 7 Day Core Clearing
I look forward to working with you Thank you.  


Blessings, Love and Light 


6 thoughts on “Purchase My Twin Flame Handbook

  1. Johanna

    Thank you for this wonderful prayer. It covers so much and is very powerful. I always feel closer to my beautiful other half when I see/say it.


  2. Katie

    As I read the prayer, I noticed familiar markers that I’ve experienced before as if it is a gentle reminder of the assistance being given toward the reunion with my beloved twin. I have one of the paragraphs saved and read as one my daily prayers. Someone I met some time ago said, the moment they looked into my eyes they knew that I was their other half. Somewhere where along the way after meeting this person I said we were going to be good examples for others to follow. For I could feel the love between us, as it radiated out from our aura’s whenever we were in each others presence. This is just another beautiful nudge upon my awaken journey.

    Thank you!

  3. Antoinette Darden

    Thank so much for sharing your twin flame prayer. It covers everything that I wanted to say for me and my twin flame when I didnt know how. I believing that our prayers are being answered. Thanks again!

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