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The Beginning of my Spiritual Awakening, Twin Flame Journey

The beginning of my Spiritual Awakening, and Twin Flame Journey
This was the best advice, that I can give to anyone and I thank you Pam Forster for giving it to me on May 18, 2013. My spiritual journey is not clear and it’s okay for it not to be clear. I will wait and keep myself open for when it does become clear and then I will be ready.

My actual Spiritual Awakening began In September 2012, after I started chatting with this man. We both started to feel each others presence and had many in depth conversations about what we were experiencing. So, how can one really be ready for what is ahead. Lessons learned and lessons still needing to be learned can be very confusing. Working karma out and trying not to end up with more unwanted karma, could that be the lesson of the day.

I know what I want but at times I wonder how do I achieve it. I keep pushing ahead and doing what I believe is the right thing. At times I feel the timing keeps getting postponed. Is it something I am doing or maybe it’s something that I still have not done? Could it be that I am not getting the answers that are coming through? Are they being sent to me loud enough or clear enough to receive them? How does one really find out?

Well for me, I ask God/Source,spirit guides, guardian and Archangels for guidance. I have always had an open mind and heart. I thought I knew what was my spiritual path. In my heart I know what that is. I do believe I understand part of what I am suppose to be accomplishing. That is to continue this path and open up all my abilities to help other people on their spiritual paths. That has become very clear to me. I also know who is my hearts desire. This is the road that my heart is being pulled towards. I know it is in divine timing. I have put it all in God/Source hands. I know I sometimes try to hurry it along and doubt, question and find out why its taking so long. I know we are stronger together than we are apart. Maybe that is the lesson. I am a strong person, always have been my whole life. But is my guy strong enough at this time for us?

I know, in a relationship like this, each of us has to be their own person. It is the hardest love relationship I have ever been in, but it is the most rewarding one. No one has ever compared to him and the unconditional love, the no control issues, having no fear and no anger, this is the “ultimate relationship”.

I now understand the journey and the path and if we had been together from the start, we would have struggled with control, anger and we would have crashed and burned. We both needed to grow and learn to balance and trust. I now see how I would have acted. I know what I will not do or tolerate in a relationship. I know I will support him in everything he wants to accomplish. To love and to teach. Both of us will learn from each other so we both can be healed and involved in life’s passions. To be able to teach others, the true meaning of unconditional love, to help heal them and help them along their spiritual paths. I know we will achieve this when the time is right. The good thing is, we are learning.

So when is that time going to come? Only God/Source knows. I do know when the time comes I will be ready. As for now all I can do is continue on my spiritual path, and not waver from my beliefs and feelings that “All Is Well”. I will never give up on my love nor will I ever think of him of anything other than my one and only. I have trust in this feeling and I BELIEVE that things happen for a reason and if it’s meant to be it will be.

I have also learned on the days that I have some doubts and struggle with in myself I pray to God/Source and ask for guidance. As God/Source is the only one that can help me along my spiritual journey. He will send me the messages and my guardian and Archangels along with my spirit guides will help me receive and carry those messages out. I will know what to do with them and how to bring them to life.

My love for this man will always be alive in my heart. It is the most rewarding love I have ever felt in my life. The one that I have been waiting for my whole life. The one I have been searching for. The one that was in my visions when I was a child. He truly is My One!!! He has recontacted me and we are working our way into final reunion.

Blessings, Love, Light, Peace


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