Soulful Heart Readings

Dreaming of Bathrooms


One of my friends said to me today that she dreams of bathrooms.   So I thought ok this is the first Dream Blog.


The message could be that Nature is like a vacuum, and you can not receive the new influx of blessings, wealth, creativity or anything else if you are holding on the old.   So you may need some privacy to release your baggage.  It may involve crying, screaming, sleeping or just plain yelling into thin air outside or behind close doors.   So flush away all the old resentments and attachments.  Give things away even if it is to a dumpster.  Dreams of a bathroom symbolize purification and releasing of negative emotions so that your instincts may flow easier and healthier.  You could also be at the end of a cycle and need private time to let these emotions go.  Sometimes they can be embarrassing to tell others about and this could be why you are dreaming of a bathroom.   Honor your need for personal space and Say good-bye to all that no longer serves you.  You will come out on the outer side feeling lighter and refreshed.  

Blessings, Love, Light and Peace