Soulful Heart Readings

Dreaming of Money



In this day and age, money is always on every’s mind.  We are a treasure beyond measure and that comes from our unlimited source of love, abundance, creativity, wisdom and our love for our creator.  Regardless of your spiritual believes or your temporary financial circumstances may appear to be, your true essence is being engulfed with wealth.

It is time for you to cash in on your inheritance and start accessing your thoughts into reality.  Rewire your thinking to align with your personal thoughts of gold and realize that you are abundantly provided for in ways that are both seen and unseen.  With this point of view, its just a matter of time before your outer situation will match what your inner dreams are showing. 

Money dreams show issues of energy, power, survival, security and resources.  Even if your already succesful money is an issue you have to deal with on a daily basis, including how it is being used.  In a dream it will indicate your value and the specific financial or power issues that are being worked out.  

Look at how you are spending your money and if you can be directing it differently.  Sometimes all it takes is adjusting one thing for your financial situation to improve.  

Just remember money is not always happiness.  We all have many things in our life to be grateful and happy about.  Always be thankful for what we have there are many others that do not have it as good as we do.  

Blessings, Love, Light and Peace